sábado, 28 de julio de 2012

Saint Valentine's Circus

If it’s walking, I’m going to became faster!
If it’s mournin’, I want yell aloud!
I don’t deny my life’s razor
is cutting me inside out
but what else I can do?

You know me how I always am
Is hard change this, trust me I know

A sinner they call me
It isn’t bad (when you heard it)
It isn’t good (when they demand you)
It’s just sad when I close my eyes…
And is in the dark onset
Where I’m just another stranger in the gloomiest mask of night

First doll came!
Between a nail’s web
A kisses’ cuts
Lovers’ lie, let’s take the first step.
Valentine search
Blood in every corner of the scope

Next there!
If u see me, remember
I’m just other walker
That a proud-heart
Is giving any matter in battle

Last doll! How you?
Became my lips real?
Turn me into a loose noose?
A sideshow more!
The Saint kills lovers in every site ‘n’ room

Break free is just the first step
It must hurt
It’ll must have pain inside
-I must fall, indeed-
You’ll know where the slayer’s hide (in me)
So you never search for thee (in me!)

Seek is over, the circus is burnin’
This life o’mine is ending
The unlimited innocence, tonight
Is doom!
Its damned!...is crawling back in it cage again
And I be over like their dummy

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