sábado, 8 de septiembre de 2012

Worst Lies are Said in Fear

I must be hilarious
Only wait to see me down
Even down
On my knees
Drowning for one
In what addiction done in me

This world isn’t like ‘twas in days gone by
A knot of entangled questions,
Of doubting and breaking oppressions

You know, there are strengths absent
When there is no more care to quest
On paths marked by the tic-tac
Thither! Where the human temptation stare at us
In the corner
Through the decorations and every
Hide in ourselves

Once each star burst in front
And all crooked murk scrooge
Manipulate and dig in
Body and mind
There’s a point of break for our moral mask

Perhaps it was the terrors that may us do this
Use it as an elucidation
Leaving lies come out,
Like night phantoms,
Lull music that sound within my head

We bear a bit
And then let us fall so quick
We bear so much
Slaying ourselves
Making our own punish
Taking all against us
Saying the worst lies when we’ve so fear

Oh Fate Of Mine

Is this what I do forever?
In the rest of my story?
Sing to sleep to a princess’ ears
Waiting for moons
Day by day to a prince in his silvery armor
Arrive here,
Withdrawing dragons
Saving mermaids
So much untouchable unrealities

Thoughts made of yarns
Hanging, on true-love gallows
Bright fibers remain dreams
But so black

Oh fate of mine!
If you’ve all the keys to all the doors
And yet you do not dare to enter the void

You just stay there
Ask for “whys”…
Asking is unneeded
When you know you are not going anyplace
That’s the way, indeed
I must ever allowed to me follow

Oh fate of mine!
What awaits me beyond the minute that’ll pass?
More rhymes and rhythms
Swaying in perfect movements
Vindictive temptations
But, in the ruin of an artistic work on me
Muddle of anger and taciturn delusions
Is that what I’ll be?
Ruins, shots, isolation

But, I’ll say only a word
I let you guide my acts
Professing in hums
(With) pity what I can’t be

By the way that this been going up so far
Oh fate!
I demand an answer
I don’t get to order somewhat still infinitive
I’ll settle with some arrows and marked paths
You know,
To take my prerogative
Or go running fast by the other lane….
Cowardice road

At the end, you and I, Oh fate of mine!
Sitting in the same table
Drinking the same tea on olden cups
Be careful with some poison in the teapot
‘Cause if I’d pass away
So do you, dear fate of mine

lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012

Over Penciled Outlines of Pictures

Wait there...the cold and the aloneness are speaking, let them talk –
“All needed shade
Over penciled outlines of pictures”

I’m the leftovers that remain of your fears,
Isn’t a lie…I don’t lie
Just that in this world
In the future
There aren’t laughs for me
There aren’t lights on waiting for me

Always sleeping on apologies’ bed
So I don’t run away from silence
You sense
That feel that make you know
That I, never going to win

But the night and I could survive
She, the only one the tolerate my sins
And follow me whatever

Keeping up, making remembrance
“Over penciled outlines of pictures”


A conception of an idea
Gladden the odium
Could I be the dangerous in the story?

My free mindset
Obligated to what suppose was a wish dreads
Uncovering a big number of antidotes
In front my head. Had me as a daft to doff
Trying to get it out of me

Escaped of those moments, now I need the memories
I didn’t saw the chain that laced me, now I want the relief
Your points and words
Kiss-and-tell that in me all’s wrong.
Let my mind be the winner this time

Keenly, you take your leak of matter
A choice that you never offer
That you lunge upon my face

Meanwhile I take this idea!
This gladded odium!
Those languish skew!
Those toxic restraints!
So I made my revenge

When all pass by…
We would said that this is was a fable
That I’m ill
That you’re well
That they’re upkeeped about me
That we want to disappear

It's Time Die Alone

Already when all enclose is beautification
Just why you ask more than you can
Possibly finish or lead at least to the emancipation
When it come the lure dance
Among your filthiness and what’s in your heart
It’s time to die alone

All memoirs put off of me, put on damask black
That I’ll think it’ll drove myself mad
Also branded that someday,
Their eyes are on me…
How can I spoke again after this?
When, my resistance
My trick to find stability
Between me in my inside
Is no longer mine

But I ‘till know
I’ve so many stories to tale
Maybe tomorrow
Or may happens nowadays
Under another nightly cloud
For you or
Behind you

When I finally want to sing alone
Unimportant what melody
I already said: “no more”
Well, knocking at the door is somebody telling me
“It’s time to die alone”

It’s time to trail the other way
Where I can’t beam
Or tomorrow
But at the end the time to die alone will come to every one of us.

sábado, 4 de agosto de 2012

Goodnight, Sweet Ladies...

Eyes of Theym...

Their eyes on themselves
Ephemeral, from H to T and teeth and blood
And you’re chasing always
A sunrise after

When all once again return to calm…and

You’d be release from them
When the humanity on them awake up
And you’re eyes close up…