sábado, 28 de julio de 2012

Crêpe Heart

Is funny how…
Will I cry a seashore out?
I’ll be pleased if you let me know
At least, I am gonna be happy known it, dear
What happen to me?
What I’m comin’ thru?

It wasn’t good
A mad accusing another crazy man
The moon don’t wake up
All butterfly take of my side…
This is where the tide comes in!
Where the rain can sink!
‘Cause I be dead very quick
Just count to three…

You’ve to see
What my fragile heart already did
For that
I’ll be sentence to suffering
And lifeless poetry

Tell them is wrong
Say it!
Isn’t unbreakable
Look it!
Spiting united shame within
Is killing it!
So they will run out
When my heart is close

Colorless frames watching me
It’s surprising
A blackbird’s sing a song right now
Sad-eyed looking at
my crêpe heart…
Is just funny how it is at the end
When I go to sleep
Nothing yet happen to me

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