sábado, 28 de julio de 2012

To my Dear Figurine

Stop the game and the festival
My fays have never been captives
Come figurine!
I just wanna unsewn you
Play hide-and-seek with you
and a thousand courtiers more

Just moisten this lips
that the other dead lover leaves left aside dry

Our merry-go-round is fuckin’ collapse
I'm just a other core victim of yours
and his eclipsing fancy need

Come figurine!
I wanna play with fire and burns all yours ideas
and conquer u madness

Filthy saint, halt! Of persecute
the never reachable stuffs
Forsake the never love one

I don't want to be love!                                                   

What do you do?
Who give me poison?
I don't want to play with you never more!

Filthy God, I'm you most flogged clown
Now the lion tamed by the lamb
Your last tightrope beloved
Stop this game, I’ll be sitting still ‘till waiting for

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