lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012


A conception of an idea
Gladden the odium
Could I be the dangerous in the story?

My free mindset
Obligated to what suppose was a wish dreads
Uncovering a big number of antidotes
In front my head. Had me as a daft to doff
Trying to get it out of me

Escaped of those moments, now I need the memories
I didn’t saw the chain that laced me, now I want the relief
Your points and words
Kiss-and-tell that in me all’s wrong.
Let my mind be the winner this time

Keenly, you take your leak of matter
A choice that you never offer
That you lunge upon my face

Meanwhile I take this idea!
This gladded odium!
Those languish skew!
Those toxic restraints!
So I made my revenge

When all pass by…
We would said that this is was a fable
That I’m ill
That you’re well
That they’re upkeeped about me
That we want to disappear

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